31 Bloggers, 31 Days: Abbey Olivo

31 Bloggers, 31 Days: Abbey Olivo

It’s DAY 6 of 31 Bloggers, 31 Days. Phew! Week 1 is almost done! Again, can’t believe I’ve made it this far! By featuring bloggers on my blog, I’m actually learning quite a bit. I’ve come across some very talented and inspiring bloggers. By studying their blogs, I’m learning ways to improve my blog! It’s amazing! I feel like I’m growing as a blogger. 🙂

Today’s feature is Abbey Olivio. Her blog is Abbey Co. Seattle. Abbey blogs about being a mom, fashion, food, wine and living in Seattle, Washington. Let me tell you, every time I look at Abbey’s blog, I get hungry! OMG she has some delicious looking food recipes. One of the latest is the Pan Seared Scallops in a Bacon Cream Sauce… OMG! Mouth-watering!

Ok. Enough talking about the food… Now introducing Abbey Olivo!

Who is Abbey Olivo? 

Abbey moved from upstate New York to Seattle shortly after graduating high school. Outside of blogging, you can catch Abbey using her hodgepodge personality  (self-described by Abbey) to talk someone into buying a boat or yacht. She’s actually driven a few of the boats, most notably a 46 foot Cobalt Yacht. Her goal is to become a certified captain within the next year. (I’m rooting for you Abbey! That sounds like an awesome gig.) In the image below, she’s driving the boat on the news!

In her spare time, Abbey enjoys being in the great outdoors. She spends time golfing, snowboarding, boating and many more outdoorsy activities. (She asked if laying in the sun counted and the answer is YES Abbey, laying in the sun definitely counts. Ahhhh. I wish I could be on a beach right now.)  For date nights, she and her husband enjoy trying new restaurants, going to the symphony or going to see the latest Star Wars or Marvel films. (I love Marvel/DC movies!)

Abbey also spends time being a mom to her 2-year-old daughter. She said, “I enjoy being a mom more than anything. But like people joke these days, mommin’ ain’t easy.” Abbey has suffered from Postpartum depression which initially helped inspire her blog. She wanted to find a way to separate herself from her child. She wanted to continue to keep hold of the things that make her who she is. She didn’t want to lose her own personality or what made her who she was prior to having her daughter.

I think it is normal to struggle with your personality as you change into a parent, especially because it happens so quickly. Like, one day it’s just you and your partner, then voilà! The next day you have a kid! – Abbey

Blogging is Abbey’s main spare time activity. She also bakes, takes photos and goes on many adventures with her daughter.

Abbey’s hodgepodge personality is prevalent in her blogs. She provides her readers with a wide variety of posts. There is something for everyone.

Abbey’s blog Abbey Co Seattle started last year. She got the idea to start a blog after she had an ETSY shop in which she would create headbands, bows and other “mom crafts”, as she described it. She wanted to find her “mom” personality. Her blog helps remind her of all the things she’s good at and that she can be defined as much more than just a mom.

In the future, Abbey hopes her blog will become a source of additional income for her family. She wants to be recognized locally and nationally as a source for great tips and fun recipes, as well as a fun personality to follow.

When asked if she had any advice for new bloggers, Abbey said:

First, be yourself. If you are genuinely working on content that is near and dear to you, people will be able to tell you are putting your heart into it and you will find followers who enjoy what you share. Second, realize you aren’t a celebrity… people aren’t going to follow you ‘just because’! You are in the process of creating your online personality and gaining followers, and people don’t know who the heck you are. You are going to have to follow tons of blogs, comment on people’s posts daily, and really put yourself out there to get followers. It is a lot of work, but it is fun and worth it in the long run!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Abbey Olivo and her blog Abbey Co. Seattle. If you missed yesterday’s post on Asaake Sarah, click here. Please check back tomorrow to learn more about Stella Nadene.

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