31 Bloggers, 31 Days: Asaake Sara

31 Bloggers, 31 Days: Asaake Sara

OMG! It’s DAY 5! Holy guacamole!

First, I’d like to thank you for returning to my blog to read about my latest feature, Asaake Sara and her blog Asakemi, for 31 Bloggers, 31 Days. 

Second, this is a huge deal for me. It’s rare that I stick with something past a few days. However, this time, I feel like people are relying on me. I made promises and I intend to see them through.

I hope you’re enjoying the bloggers I’ve chosen. Thanks again! <3

Introducing Asaake Sara: 

Asaake is a very busy woman. She runs a blog, works full-time and goes to grad school for Biological Science. (Whew!) That’s a lot. Asaake is originally from Nigeria and now lives in Minnesota.

In her spare time, Asaake enjoys immersing herself in all things adventurous. She makes a plan to travel to a new place at least once a month. Apparently, Minnesota has over 10,000 lakes and Asaake has made it her mission to visit a new lake each week. (Amazing!) She also enjoys doing photography, most of which is now done for her blog and other social media accounts. She also enjoys watching TV and really loves watching documentaries.

Asaake has started and deleted many blogs over the years and has finally found her way back to blogging. Her latest blog has only been running for a short time but it’s full of great content. It’s a result of her wanting to step out of her comfort zone and finally do the things she wants to do. She’s set goals and is holding herself accountable for accomplishing those goals by creating a month-in-review post that also includes her goals for the next month.

Asaake’s Blog: 

Asaake is a GREEN blogger.Her blog is a lifestyle and beauty blog centered around using natural products and living a sustainably and ethically.  She writes about products that are natural and toxic free.

I want to show people that living organic and all natural doesn’t have to be shabby or expensive. Trust me, there are amazing quality products out there that actually work. – Asaake

Asaake’s inspiration to showcase natural beauty products came from her discovery of how many chemicals are actually put into them and how harmful those chemicals can be to the body. She wants to teach people about clean and toxic free-living.

Originally, Asaake’s blog was started as a hobby but she’s grown to love it. She wants it to succeed. She wants her audience to grow. In the future, she sees her blog being one of the top blogs for people looking for inspiration for living a toxic-free lifestyle. She also sees her blog as a place where people will know and trust that every review is honest.

When asked if she had any advice for new bloggers, Asaake said: 

JUST START! The more you question it, the more you overthink it and deter yourself. I’ve only been blogging for a few months and it has changed so many things for me; it’s amazing! Just start, you will learn along the way. Don’t try to get everything perfect before starting (this is particularly important for perfectionists like me.)

Learn more about Asaake on her blog. You can also follow her on Twitter, Instagram, BlogLovin and Pinterest.

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