31 Bloggers, 31 Days: Sarah Fern

31 Bloggers, 31 Days: Sarah Fern

Welcome valued readers! Today is day 3 of my 31 Bloggers, 31 Days series!

Today’s feature is Sarah Fern and her blog The Daily Bubbly. Before I go any further, this woman has got spunk. You can tell where the “bubbly” part of her blog’s name comes from. She’s definitely a bubbly person. I can tell from her writing and the photos she sent me to include in her feature. You’ll enjoy her blog. 🙂

Sarah’s Background:

When asked to give a short bio of herself, Sarah answered:

Oh, boy bios… 30-something gal from the Midwest, following her dreams with her boys by her side, and a glass of bubbly in hand. (How’s that?) 

Needless to say, the “Oh boy” gave me a giggle. I feel the same way when I’m asked to give someone a bio or the ever dreaded question “So tell me about yourself.” LOL

Sarah started her blogging journey in college when asked to create a blog for an assignment in her fashion journalism course. She has been in love with blogging ever since.

After spending several years in the professional world, Sarah needed an escape. She no longer wanted to work to build her résumé. Sarah wanted to find her happy place. She wanted to do something she loves. She was no longer interested in using her creative energy to grow other people’s companies and not feel fulfilled by it.

That’s when Sarah launched The Daily Bubbly and has never turned back.

Currently, Sarah’s only “job” is working on her blog. (My dream!) In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also likes to be outside, going to festivals and community events like movies and concerts in the park. (One of my favorite things to do as well!) She also loves going to wine and beer tastings. (Yum!)

Sarah’s Blog:

The Daily Bubbly is a lifestyle blog geared towards women, 25 – 40. Sarah features a variety of topics including but not limited to fashion, food, travel and do-it-yourself projects.

Sarah hopes that, in the future, her blog will provide a full income for her family. She hopes that her blog will allow her to travel and live comfortably. She wants to be able to hire a few people to work on her blog. She’s not too greedy. 😉 Growth is her goal. Buzzfeed is not.

I don’t know if I will ever want to be Buzzfeed or an outlet like that but I do want to grow.  – Sarah

Sarah’s advice for other bloggers: 

There is so much advice out there and everyone has tips for becoming a success over night, or what you need to do to be a blogging success and all I can say is read, learn, and follow your heart. – Sarah Fern

Learn more about Sarah and The Daily Bubbly by visiting her on Facebook and Instagram.

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