31 Bloggers, 31 Days: Stella Nadene

31 Bloggers, 31 Days: Stella Nadene

It’s day 7! One week in and this is going wonderfully! Thanks for coming back!

I’ve learned so much from the bloggers I’ve already featured and I hope you have too! I’m beginning to develop a new-found love for blogging, more than I had before. I’m discovering new blogs, new food recipes, new DIY projects and so much more. I love reading the personal stories the people I’m featuring are sharing with me.

I hope you enjoy today’s feature, Stella Nadene and her blog StellaNadene.com

Stella’s Background:

Stella Nadene is a driven mom and wife who lives in Houston, TX. For the most part, she’s a stay at home mom, working with her husband on their medical equipment business. She’s had a variety of jobs over the years, in various industries including being an elementary school teacher, an insurance claims adjuster and a certified health coach, but her drive to succeed and accomplish goals has never waned. She’s always liked writing.

In her free time, Stella enjoys seeing movies. She’s a self-proclaimed movie junkie. (I am too!) She also enjoys reading and painting. Together with her family, they enjoy going to new and exciting museum exhibits, mini golfing, the zoo or aquarium.

Stella’s Blog:

Stella’s lack of focus and “self-diagnosed ADD” is what brought her to becoming obsessed with goal setting, planners, and productivity. (I’ve also self-diagnosed myself with ADD. Like Stella, I’m using this blog as a way to focus, set goals and accomplish them.) Her blog is focused toward Work-At-Home / Stay-At-Home mom’s but in general, she just wants to help people accomplish their goals.

Originally, Stella’s blog was supposed to be an author platform but over time evolved into a mission to help working moms find a balance in their lives.

They’re all exhausted, and not sure what to do a lot of times to change that. My goal was to outline some strategies to get back into the ‘me-time’ aspect of being a working mother so that we can all take care of ourselves as well to make sure we’re at our best for our kids and partners.

And so was born her blog, StellaNadene.com

 The real point of the blog is to give practical advice on trimming the fat of all the unimportant things so that we can simplify, increase productivity, pay attention to what really matters, and accomplish our goals.

In the future, Stella hopes to still be posting “crazy helpful content” to her readers, as well as offering courses tailored to what working moms need to get organized and productive in their lives.

You’re only as good as your reader and the value you give to them, and that was my goal in the first place–to help other working moms with the same struggles–so my vision is to evolve with those needs and my experience.

When asked if she had any advice for future bloggers, Stella said: 

Honestly, I can’t say go ahead and start on WordPress (even though everybody in the world does) because I started on Blogger, and then another platform that made site design and widgets so darn easy. Now that I’ve converted over to WordPress I feel like a toddler asking my parent for help now nearly every day and I hate that feeling of helplessness. Needing help means spending money, and if you’re just starting out, you probably aren’t ready to fork out a lot of dough initially. (UNLESS you know anything about coding and/or CSS!)
And if this is the way you go, just make sure all your posts are regularly backed up (even if you’re keeping Word files of all your posts on your computer), because if you do get to the point you want to switch to WordPress, there’s no guarantee it’ll be easy to transfer all those posts with just a simple upload.
But for sure I’d follow some established and knowledgeable blogs about blogging. Even if you can’t afford their blogging courses initially, you can get such great advice for the basics that you should be doing until you CAN afford to pay for the full course!
And really the biggest thing would just be to keep in mind WHY you want to blog. If your goal is to help others, and you’re authentic in that, the content you create will reflect that. Which is what readers really appreciate.
If you enjoyed today’s post, leave a comment below and check out Stella’s blog, StellaNadene.com. You can also find Stella on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
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