A Million Ways to Achieve Your Goals: Part 4

A Million Ways to Achieve Your Goals: Part 4

Ready for some more tips? Welcome back to A Million Ways to Achieve Your Goals. This is the 4th installment. The tips just keep on coming. By now you should realize that there is always a way to get your goal accomplished. They make take some time but they are always doable!

Today’s goals are based on taking care of yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself, how do expect to be productive. When you’re in a good state of mind and have a healthy body, you’ll free up your mind and feel comfortable going after your dreams.


1. Eat a healthy meal.
2. Get food delivered or order ahead for pickup.
3. Actually go to a restaurant that has Wi-Fi and work. A change of scenery does the mind good.
4. Tired? Meditate for a few minutes, go for a short jog or eat some brain boosting foods. Mmmm. Dark Chocolate!
5. Separate yourself from your work to eat. Don’t always eat in front of the computer screen. Taking breaks is healthy.
6. Just say NO. Don’t be like Jim Carey in Yes Man! You don’t have to do things if you don’t want to. You’re an adult!
7. Just because you didn’t accomplish a single task on your to-do list doesn’t mean you’re not accomplishing goals. Start again tomorrow.
8. Talk to someone. They may or may not have the answers but getting your frustrations out is a great way to relieve anxiety and stress.
9. Have a glass of wine and read a book for a little while. (I love wine!)
10. Go on vacation. Nothing better to get your mind off the everyday stresses of life than to leave it all behind and explore. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to go.
11. Actually go to sleep. Sleep a little longer than usual. Change your sleeping habits so that you wake up energized.
12. Reevaluate what you’re doing and figure out what you can do to elevate your project to the next plateau.

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