A Million Ways to Achieve Your Goals: Part 5

A Million Ways to Achieve Your Goals: Part 5

Welcome back! It’s part 5 of my series A Million Ways to Achieve your goals. Today’s tips will help you grow as a professional.

What does it mean to be a professional?

A professional is someone who is competent in their field. A professional is very good at their job. They are a master in their field. That mastery builds confidence with anyone the professional is seeking a business relationship with.

Professional’s honor their commitment. This person is someone other people can rely on. They are someone who will get the job done right and on time. They are responsible for their work and take the blame if something goes wrong along with providing a solution to the problem.

A professional person has a positive image. They dress professionally. They also carry themselves well. They are good at keeping eye contact, have good posture and body language. They exude confidence.

Professionals respect those around them. They are aware that their actions can impact the lives of people around them.

Their actions constantly reflect positivity and positively affect the people’s lives around them.

Today’s list of tips is short and to the point. I hope this inspires you to kick your business into gear.


  1. Do people pay you to do what you’re doing? No? Money is always a great motivator to get things done!
  2. Teach others to do what you’re doing. Not only will that help you improve your craft but giving back to others is great way to stay motivated.
  3. Become a resource for others seeking information.
  4. Hire someone to help you or just get an intern. People will work for free to gain experience from an experienced professional.
  5. If you don’t feel like you’re at a point that you can hire someone and you still need more training, get an internship with someone who is already successfully doing what you’re doing. It’s rare that someone will turn down free help.
  6. Appear as a professional. Get headshots. If you’re an author, get an editor to read your book. Get business cards and hand them out. You never know when they’ll come in handy.
  7. Dress for success. Wear nice, professional clothing when you meet with someone. Dressing in nice clothing will make you feel more confident and seem more confident to your clients and potential clients.
  8. Keep your appointments organized. Buy a planner or use an app on your phone that allows you to keep track of your free time and scheduled time. I really love The Happy Planner. You can customize it, add pages, take pages out and it comes with a ton of cool stickers! <3

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