About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Nikki. This is my blog. I’ve started many blogs over the years and I have never stuck with them the way that I’ve done with this blog. My goal is to bring the world inspiration. Just like everyone else, I have trials and tribulations. My goal is to continue to have a positive attitude about life and just be happy. Along the way, I’d like to help other people feel happy about their lives. I constantly interact with people who are unhappy with their lives and I just want to reach out and hug them. I want everyone to be happy. If more people were happy with their personal situation, the world would be a better place. Happiness is contagious and I hope my joy affects you in a positive way so that you can spread joy to others.

My current and past projects:

www.LiveLoveJewelryStore.com – This is my online jewelry store! It’s the first business I’ve ever started and it’s going well so far. If you love jewelry, please check out my store. Use code BxB20 for 20% off your order for reading my blog! (I’ve moved this to a strictly Facebook hosted store. Facebook.com/LiveLoveJewelryStore/shop)

Twitter: @LiveLoveJewelry

Instagram: @LiveLoveJewelryStore

Facebook: @LiveLoveJewelryStore

www.GreatDealExchange.com – This is my next project. I want to find great savings and pass them along to you. The store is coming soon! (Update June 2017: Still working on this!)

My Credit Story – I started this as a project for school. It was intended to share my personal credit journey.

Twitter: @CreditBabe850

nikkisoldblog.blogspot.com – This blog, BoundByHappiness.com,  was formerly hosted on Blogger. I changed the name to give you access to my old posts! <3

MzNikkiLC.blogspot.com – This is one of my previous blogs. Enjoy!

My Personal Social Media:

Twitter: @NikkiYuuup

Instagram: @NikkiYuup

I keep my personal Facebook page limited to my immediate family and friends.